Central Florida Herding Club, Inc.

Established in April 1997, the Central Florida Herding Club, Inc., is an incorporated non-profit member organization dedicated to expanding awareness of our highly intelligent herding dogs. Registered with the American Kennel Club, we are committed to the promotion of the sport of herding and the preservation of the working instincts of all herding dogs.

The Central Florida Herding Club hosts annual AKC, AHBA, and ISDS style herding trials. We also host herding instinct tests, herding clinics, herding seminars, and herding trial practice sessions.  The club’s events are held at various club member farms located in the Central Florida region.


Club Events

Here are our scheduled events for 2015. We’ll have the premium available on this site when ready.

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Club Photos

Our club photos will be posted here after events, meets and meets – check back regularly!

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Club Membership

Membership plays a valuable role in our hosting of trials, clinics and seminars.

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